Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) represent 17 life-changing goals, committing all 193 UN Member

States to eliminate poverty and hunger in the world, reduce inequalities, ensure good education and better
health decent jobs and more sustainable economic growth.
They also focus on promoting peace and security and strong institutions, and on strengthening
international partnerships.
The SDGs are spreading enormously, so we have tried to delineate it a little and make it our ‘own’.
At the Odd Fellow Palace, we have chosen 3 world goals, which we are actually already doing a lot for, but
now we want to strive to become even better.

Here are the 3 world goals we will strive to focus on:






Affordable and clean energy

What have we done so far to achieve this goal:
The Odd Fellow Palace has until very recently been filled with incandescent bulbs, which have provided a
certain authenticity to our chandeliers and lamps, but in spring 2019, the Odd Fellow Palace began to
examine the possibilities of switching to the more CO2 friendly LED bulbs. So far we have changed 500
bulbs in the Palace and we are still in the process of replacing even more.
In addition, all lights are turned off of course when we leave a room and when the whole mansion is empty
and everyone has gone home, we go round and turn off all the lights in the whole mansion. It can be a
quite good exercise to get around all 9000 sqm and check all rooms.

Responsible consumption and production

What have we done so far to achieve this goal:
We know that one of the major culprits of CO2 emissions is meat production, so we have made both a
Game menu as well as a Vegetable menu, yet we have retained our Seasonal menu, where beef can be
included. In our game menu, we strive to work with game from the Danish forests. According to a report
from the Swedish Agricultural University, it emits 0.5 kg of CO2 to produce 1 kg of game meat. By
comparison, beef emits on average more than 20 kg of CO2 when 1 kg is produced. The reason for this is
also that some energy resources are derived by producing feed for cattle, whereas game eats from nature’s
Our menus are seasonal, so we mainly use vegetables and ingredients that are in season, so we can work
with the best ingredients, at the best price, produced here in Denmark.
We sort all food waste into tubs that are picked up, then the food waste is processed into liquid biomass
transported to biogas plants. Here it is recycled for the production of electricity, heat and biogas and finally
as fertilizer for fields where new food is grown. It is called circular economy.
We also have oil buckets where we also collect all the oil and grease we use for production and these are
also picked up by a same company that recycles this for environmentally friendly second-generation

biodiesel. Second generation means that biodiesel is based on waste products. Biodiesel is a green
supplement that is mixed in conventional diesel.
We also have a bronze mark in ecology. A large proportion of our wine is organic, sustainable or
Biodynamic. We constantly try to keep us updated on new and exciting sustainable wine in cooperation
with our wine supplier.

Life below water

What have we done so far to achieve this goal:
The obvious one with this goal is that we take great pride in using only fish that is sustainable from coastal
fishing and from organic fish farms. We work closely with Lars Birger from Bisserup, which has an organic
fish farm from where we get all our trout. In addition, we work with Fiskerikajen, which is our supplier in
everything good from the sea They also have a great focus on sustainable fishing and we have in
cooperation with them and the FSK, Foreningen for Skånsomt Kystfiskeri held a fish event at the Odd Fellow
Palace, where prominent restaurants have sent their most talented people who make exciting gourmet
dishes with Danish coastal seafood.
You can read more and see some pictures from one of the events at this link
In the kitchen we only use rags without microplastics. It seems like a small thing, but sometimes it’s the
little things that do well in the big picture.

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