General terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply upon acceptance of agreements made with Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet ApS, located at Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen K, via email or GetAccept.

Deposit and Advance Payment

Upon agreement for the execution of an event, an invoice for a deposit will be sent with a payment deadline of 8 days. (Typically DKK 25,000 for larger events). Alternatively, a bank guarantee for the full amount of the event can be provided. An advance payment of 75% of the estimated total amount may be invoiced with payment due 8 days before the event.

The reservation is considered final only upon timely and registered payment of the deposit. In case of non-payment of the deposit and/or advance payment, Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet reserves the right to cancel the current event entirely.

Disclaimer and Force Majeure

In the event of unforeseen circumstances preventing the event from taking place at the planned location, Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet reserves the right to hold the event at alternative premises. The right to reject events is reserved if, according to Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet’s assessment, the purpose or activities of the event are deemed highly political, in violation of Danish legislation, or otherwise negatively compromise Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet’s reputation.

Likewise, the right to reject individuals who, according to Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet’s assessment, negatively affect its reputation is reserved.


Following the event, the final bill will be prepared, and Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet will send an invoice for the full amount, deducting the paid deposit and any advance payments. The balance must be paid via bank transfer within 8 days using the provided F1 payment code or by direct transfer with the invoice number clearly stated. Failure to make payment will incur a fee of DKK 100 per reminder, plus interest at prevailing rates. After the second reminder, the claim will be transferred to judicial debt collection.


Any complaints must be submitted to Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet within 8 days following the event. However, the applicable payment terms must still be adhered to.

Premises, Cleaning, Noise, etc.

The order confirmation specifies which premises will be used. The price includes standard cleaning of these premises. If Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet, in collaboration with the cleaning company, deems additional cleaning necessary after the event, an extra cleaning fee of DKK 750 per hour including VAT will be charged. If premises not specified in the agreement are used, rental fees and cleaning charges for these premises may apply. Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet’s staff does not assume responsibility for guests’ behavior during the event. Any breakages or damages to the palace’s floors, such as broken glass or porcelain, must be reported immediately to the staff. If noticeable scratches or other damage to the floors are found after the event, Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet may demand sanding and varnishing of the damaged floors at the customer’s expense or through the customer’s insurance company. The use of any form of confetti is prohibited in Odd Fellow Palæet. If used, an additional cleaning fee will be charged at the applicable rate. All forms of fireworks and open flames are prohibited on the entire premises. Odd Fellow Palæet’s inventory, such as paintings, furniture, carpets, exhibitions, etc., must be treated with care. Any damage to these items during the event must be compensated based on the value determined by Odd Fellow Palæet. The price must be reasonable and determined in relation to the item’s actual value. If the parties cannot agree on the price, a third party with relevant expertise will assess the compensation value. It is not allowed to place any objects on pianos or grand pianos in Odd Fellow Palæet.

During all events, noise levels must be kept at a reasonable level. If music is played during the event, it must ALWAYS be played with doors and windows closed. Directives from the restaurant staff must be followed at all times. Failure to comply may result in Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet terminating the event, and full payment for the event plus any fines imposed by the authorities must still be paid. Soft background music is allowed until 10:30 pm; thereafter, music may be played up to the specified limit values issued by the City of Copenhagen’s Environmental Center. 

Maximum dB levels in the premises: 

Concert Hall max. 104 dB 

Atrium rooms max. 98 dB (NoiceGuard installed) 

The Knight’s Hall max. 98 dB 

The Mirror Hall max. 98 dB 

The Gallery Hall max. 95 dB 

The Rose Hall max. 98 dB 

The King’s Hall max. 94 dB (NoiceGuard installed) 

The Berckentin Room max. 98 dB. 

Where NoiceGuard is installed, it must be used.

Parking, Materials, Equipment

Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet does not have parking spaces available for events. However, there may be special arrangements for the use of individual spaces, which must be confirmed in writing. Vehicles with business at Odd Fellow Palæet may use parking spaces for loading and unloading flowers, AV equipment, music systems, etc., only via the designated access routes. All materials such as flowers, equipment, gifts, etc., must be removed from the premises at the end of the event, unless otherwise agreed in writing with Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet.

Cancellation, Guest Count, etc.

For cancellations of events more than 91 days before the event, no fee will be charged, and the deposit will be refunded. For cancellations between 61 and 90 days before the event, the deposited deposit will be retained. For cancellations between 60 and 31 days before the event, 50% of the agreed price will be invoiced. For cancellations between 31 and 15 days before the event, 75% of the agreed price will be invoiced. For cancellations less than 14 days before the event, the full amount will be invoiced. Final guest count, special menus, and any table arrangements must be provided in writing to Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet no later than 7 business days before the event. Reductions in guest count after this deadline will still be invoiced. Likewise, any special menus served or changes made that were not previously communicated to Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet will be invoiced at DKK 132 per starter, DKK 180 per main course, DKK 132 per dessert. If the number of guests is reduced by more than 20% of the original guest count, Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet may choose to move the event to another room or cancel the event without compensation. Note that some premises may have a minimum turnover requirement.


Six business days before the event, a plan detailing the event, including final guest count, table arrangement, special menus, arrival time, speeches, entertainment, etc., must be provided. Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet assumes no responsibility, neither financially nor professionally, for entertainment contracted by the customer. Catering for these entertainments will be billed to the customer. Questions regarding stage dimensions, power outlets, etc., can be directed to Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet. However, it is the responsibility of the artists to contact Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet to obtain the necessary information.

COVID-19 / Pandemic Addendum

If an event cannot be held on the agreed date due to COVID-19 or other pandemic-related restrictions imposed by the government, it will be possible to reschedule the date at no additional cost up to 12 months from the original date. This must be communicated in writing to Restaurant Odd Fellow Palæet ApS no later than 3 weeks before the event date specified in the agreement. Cancellation terms will apply to any cancellations. This appendix is currently valid until December 31, 2025.

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