Halls and Rooms

The Knights Hall

The Knights Hall is located on the first floor. The entrance is up the red staircase and through the anteroom, The Gentlemen’s Room. It is possible to make use of The Ladies Room placed to the right of The Knights Hall. The Knights Hall features chandeliers, high panels and pretty interior décor. 

The Kings Hall

The Kings Hall is located on the 2nd floor. Floor. The entrance to the hall is from the red staircase up to the anteroom, The Schimmelmann Room. The neat, rectangular room has royal blue walls and tall white panels. With several large, bright windows facing the garden and chandeliers, the room is a fabulous banquet room, suitable for gala dinners and conferences.

The Rose Hall

An exclusive and intimate hall located on the top floor of the palace. The entrance to the hall is from the red staircase and through the anteroom, The Schimmelmann room. The room features window panels going from floor to the ceiling with views overlooking Bredgade and Kongens Have, creating a very special atmosphere in the rose-coloured banquet hall. We recommend the hall for dinners, events and small conferences.

The Concert Hall

The Honcert Hall is the largest and most grandiose hall of the Odd Fellow Palace. The hall is on the mezzanine between the ground floor and the first floor. It has an entrance through the left atrium room. It is possible to use the lounge and a room adjacent to the concert hall, which provides guests with wonderful extra space.

The Mirror Hall

The mirror hall is located on the first floor with an entrance from the wide, red staircase and through the anteroom, The Gentlemens Room. The hall has exceptionally beautiful stucco. It has high ceilings and large windows overlooking the green garden. 

The Gallery Hall

The Gallery Hall is located on the 1st floor It’s a retangular room with high ceilings, characteristic high panels and views out to the cozy, green garden. The hall is peaceful and extremely suitable for meetings and lunches.


We have six rooms that also can be used. Click read more to see them and read about them.

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